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Jiangsu electrical technology co.,ltd is the new type enterprise specialized in the production of various models of enamelling machine. It brings together the best, the most excellent and the most senior scientific and technical talents with rich enamelling machine design, research and development and production experience in and out of the country and combines the production requirements, status and development trend of high quality enamelled wire in the domestic and foreign markets. Based on the design, research and production of the latest generation of the enamelling machine, the company does its best to make the new production equipment (the enamelling machine) have the characteristics of ”best quality · stable performance · energy-efficient · low carbon & environmental protection” .
The series of the enamelling machine of the company can produce enamelled wire of many materials such as cooper, copper-clad aluminum and aluminum and varieties (PU·PE·PEI) and can meet the clients' needs of producing multi-coating and large capacity hang up.
The company also undertakes the technical innovation project of the old enamelling machines to make the second production of the modified enamelling machine meet the new requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection and to make many enamelled wire manufacturers have quick and direct economic benefits.
The company operates in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system standards and treats the ”excellent quality, wholehearted service” as quality policy, and “the acceptability of outgoing products reaches 100% and the satisfaction rate of the customer service reaches 100%” as quality aim. It adheres to the sincere and pragmatic enterprise purpose of dedicated, improved and votive employee spirit in the pursuit of excellent quality and has improved the comprehensive competitive ability of the enterprise itself.
Sincerely welcome the vast number of manufacturers to visit our company, to discuss.
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